Artificial Intelligence for Inventory Aquisition

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Great Features

CarStarAI is an Artificial Intelligence buying tool that scans thousands of online auctions per day only buying the cars you need at the price you want to pay. The wholesale inventory acquisition process is fully automated from bid to checkout. Stop wasting hours researching vehicles, let our Artificial Intelligence do it for you. Fully automated buying process. Enter your presets and let the bot buy!

Easy Pre-Set Buying tool

Easily set your preferred inventory by year, make, model, trim, price, fuel type, condition and much more all from your phone.

Autonomous Bid Placement

Watch auctions across all major used car auction platforms.

Precise Condition Report

Choose the condition of your preferred inventory with precision like never before! CarStarAI has a 100 point condition report on each auction. Drill down your pre-sets all the way to Engine ODB Codes and more! Once you set it, CarStarAI will adhere exactly everytime.

Auto Checkout and Transport Setup Option

Don’t worry about checking out the vehicle. CarStarAI handles that right in auction for you. Just the same as if you did it yourself.

Recommendations Engine

Stay ahead of the market. Google Analytics inspired reccomendations for vehicle and pricing suggestions.


Know everything about the vehicle. Market Day Supply, Average Wholesale, Competitors listings in your market, and more...


Average Gross Profit Increase


Decrease Recondition Costs

2 days

Sell Faster


Auctions Analyzed

All from your phone

All From Your Phone CarStarAI is designed to buy cars without human intervention. Make your presets and let it buy you cars. Absolute Control in Your Hands You have the power of the AI. You can turn it off with the click of a button at any time. Alter its buying habits whenever needed. This is the next generation of wholesale inventory acquisition. Major car dealers are trying to acquire inventory autonomously. Beat them to the punch.

  • Fully mobile optimized web-application designed to enable you to change your buying model at anytime.
  • CarStarAI outperforms a human buyer for a fraction of the cost.
This product has instant return on investment. Try it free now.

Our Pricing

CarStarAI has no subscription or starter fees. Our pricing is completely usage based.


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